I  wanted to give a huge shout out, and thank you to Lillian at Permanent Makeup Fort Wayne! Last week I had a Pro Cell treatment done, and I absolutely love how my skin looks! Not bad for nearly 50 right? My secret is Lillian! I highly recommend her!


    June 14, 2019 Wonderful Lillian, I’m sitting here so absolutely gorgeous, thanking my Lord for the incredible gift of YOU! Today I saw His grace and goodness in you, seeing how many times a day you do for others what you’ve done for me! I love reading the article you wrote for GLO Magazine. I… Read more »


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    Dear Lillian, I wanted to thank you so very very much for the ProCell treatment you did on me. I absolutely love it!!! You are the most knowledgeable and caring person. You make such a difference in my looks and confidence. As an aging lady, I’m so glad I have you. People are complimenting my… Read more »


    I did my research to find the right person to do my eyebrows. I’m so glad I chose you! I love them! Courtney

    Thank You Card and Letter


    Dear Lillian, Growing up Ginger wasn’t always easy – I was teased and picked on for being different throughout childhood. I matured and became use to the bullying, grew thicker skin, and learned to embrace my uniqueness. However, Gingerism does come with its downfalls. As I aged my hair color began to fade – going… Read more »