June 14, 2019

Wonderful Lillian,

I’m sitting here so absolutely gorgeous, thanking my Lord for the incredible gift of YOU! Today I saw His grace and goodness in you, seeing how many times a day you do for others what you’ve done for me!

I love reading the article you wrote for GLO Magazine. I coped it and pasted it prominently where I can share it with others, and be constantly reminded to pray for you. Many more will come to know the one who wrote this… the one who knows what beauty truly is. You are the personification of beauty, dear friend Lillian. May our great God who gave you such talent and such depth…may He keep blessing you and pouring you out for His glory!

I marked in red on the back of our Missions Magazine where our International Director introduces my story on p. 6. This experience happened in 1991. It has been a bedrock lesson for my faith. Thank you for reading it. I will look forward to seeing you again, my precious one.

Much love always… and remember me to Michael,