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Thank You Card and Letter

Dear Lillian,

Growing up Ginger wasn’t always easy – I was teased and picked on for being different throughout childhood. I matured and became use to the bullying, grew thicker skin, and learned to embrace my uniqueness. However, Gingerism does come with its downfalls. As I aged my hair color began to fade – going from a deep copper to now a strawberry blonde. In my early 30’s, I noticed that my browns had lightened so much that they were barely noticeable (where did my face go!?). After years of losing brow pigment, I was becoming more self-conscious about losing features. Not only were they lightening, there was less hair due to a medication I take and it just never few back in some spots. Eyebrows are hugely important for your face. When you don’t have them it’s very odd looking.

One night I was hanging out with girlfriends and the subject came up about brows and makeup. I said I run for the brow pencil anytime I get out of the shower or pool. One of the girls’ suggested permanent make-up, and she disclosed she had her brows “done”. I was shocked! She looked so natural and I had been admiring her brows all night. They were absolutely perfect! She raved about you and I was so excited there  was a solution that never crossed my mind until that night.

I called your salon the very next day to book a consultation. Lillian, you are one of the most honest, caring, and genuine souls I have ever met. Not only am I re-headed, I also have OCD. Your professionalism and overall human compassion helped me feel comfortable about getting permanent makeup, and about myself. You made me realize brows or no brows I am still beautiful, inside and out. I felt uplifted after only spending a short time with you. You radiate positivity, yet you are a realist – I love that about you! After asking 5000 questions and obsessively googling I took the plunge to basically tattoo my face (sounds so scary). BY FAR THE BEST THING I’VE EVER DONE! WOW!!! I was shocked – I felt so pretty and my face was there all the time. I went swimming and came out of the pool with perfect brows. I would go as far to say that getting permanent makeup changed my life. I no longer look like an alien! No more obsessing over if my brows were there or drawn on straight. In face, I threw all my brow pencils out that day.

A couple years later I needed a touchup, I wanted a darker, wider, more current brow style. Of course I was still obsessed over every single edge, tail and hair stroke. You didn’t lose any patience with me the entire time. And assured me we would tweak them until my little OCD heart was satisfied. You didn’t let me down! For that I can’t thank you enough, and for letting me come back. 🙂

Meeting you, having our heart-to-heart chats, and visible perfect eyebrows has grown my heart and given me confidence I didn’t even know I had. Who knew eyebrows could affect your entire life! But it’s not just the brows; it’s the woman behind them! I’m honored to know you, call you my friend, and have your artistic expertise displayed proudly over my eyes.

I am forever grateful and love having you be a part of my journey in life.


Heather Bailey

Heather Bailey