How does it work?

Step 1. Schedule your FREE consultation and mini makeover! Lillian or Michael will get to know you and understand your needs during the free consultation. Then, get a sneak peek at what your permanent makeup results will look like with a free mini makeover. A side-by-side look at your natural and enhanced facial features will demonstrate results with temporary makeup.

Step 2. Schedule your permanent makeup appointment.

Step 3. We work with you to choose a shade that not only looks natural, but compliments your skin tone, hair and eye color.

Step 4. Using the selected pigment colors, a line or shape is first drawn in the application area. This allows you to approve the line or shape before permanent application begins.

Step 5. While you are in a reclined, relaxed position, a hand-held device is used to fill in the line with a series of connecting dots.

Step 6. After two weeks time, a free follow-up consultation will allow Lillian to examine the finished product.