ProCell Micro-Channeling

procell micro-channeling
ProCell Micro-Channeling uses very small needles to create small channels in the skin. Because the body’s own natural response is to fill these holes back in with collagen, this process increases collagen production. This procedure includes growth hormones and stem cells, which enhance the skin-rejuvenating benefits of micro-channeling. They encourage the production of collagen to produce firmer skin and eliminate small lines and wrinkles. Firmer skin and reduction of fine lines can be seen immediately! We recommend a series of treatments to achieve these results:
  • Scar Improvement. Micro-channeling breaks down old tissue and fosters the development of healthier skin, which reduces the look of scars from acne, surgery, or stretch marks.
  • Reduction of facial lines and wrinkles. Micro-channeling increases the collagen levels in the skin, which facilitates thicker, younger looking skin with minimal downtime.
  • Prevents aging signs. Micro-channeling keeps communication prevalent and prevents future signs of aging from ever coming in.
procell micro-channeling