Permanent Make-Up

Permanent Makeup Fort Wayne

Lovely Permanent Eyeliner & Lip Color

Take advantage of the permanent eyeliner and lip color solutions from Permanent Makeup Med Spa Fort Wayne, Indiana. As well as providing exciting permanent makeup, we also offer skin needling.

Eyebrow Hair Simulation For clients that desire a bolder eyebrow look, we provide simulation. We use this method to create a 3-D eyebrow look.
With our permanent eyeliner, we compliment your skin tone and eye color. Eyeliner can be applied as thick or as thin as desired. Eyeliner will make your eyelashes appear thicker.
Lip Liners & Full Lip Color
At our company, we also offer permanent lip color services for clients that want to highlight the shape of their lips. We provide full color to your lips that matches your skin tone, and we help avoid wrinkle lines.

Brilliant  Permanent Eye Brow Color | By Tekia Burnett (Arched by Kia)